Tourism Fiji targets Asian tourist markets


Tourism Fiji, in cooperation with travel trade partners, aiming to ensure that marketing campaigns and strategies to expand expand on Asian markets are in place.

According to, statistics provided for the first seven months of this year shows that Asian markets are experiencing great growth in visitor arrivals compared to last year.

According to the statistics provided by Tourism Fiji, there has been a 26.5% increase of visitor arrivals from India, 29% increase from Taiwan, 35 percent increase from South Korea and 30.5 percent increase from China.

Tourism Fiji said they use International Media and Trade Visitation program to allow trade and media partners to visit Fiji and experience the various products on offer so that when they go back, they are able to better sell Fiji.

According to Tourism Fiji with the additional service that Air Pacific will introduce in December, this allows more variety in packages that will be offered to the consumers by tour operators.