Chinese are on their way to Israel


The Tourism Ministry is seeking for tour guides in the Chinese language in preparation for the arrival of 15,000 tourists to Israel in 2008. Chinese tourists will visit Israel following the signature on an agreement with the Chinese government that allows organized tour groups of visitors from China to travel Israel.

Last week, the Tourism Ministry published an advertisement post in search for tour guides in the Chinese language who will take part in a course that will include contents that attract the Chinese tourists, such as their preferred sights, the specific service they are used to and more.

In addition, the Tourism Ministry has prepared a comprehensive plan that will suit Chinese tourists and their unique culture and habits.

Simultaneously, it was decided to recruit employees to the tourism industry, including hotels, chefs and translators that speak the Chinese language and can assist Chinese tourists during their visit to Israel.

“The tourism ministry works to adapt the Israeli product to the needs and the preferences of the Asian tourist in general and the Chinese tourist in particular, in order to boost the tourist potential to Israel from South-East Asia,” said Shaul Tzemach, director-general of the Tourism Ministry.

Departing tourism from China has increased rapidly in the past decade and is considered as the market with the biggest growing potential.

According to figures by the Tourism Ministry, Chinese tourists spend up to $375 billion a year on traveling abroad and estimates predict that 100 million Chinese tourists will leave their country for traveling purposes by the year of 2020.

Other than the local efforts, the tourism ministry strives to market Israel in China by preparing and handing out guide books for Chinese travel agents, assisting Israeli travel agents in marketing Israel to the Chinese, arranging professional seminars, participating in tourist fairs in China, inviting Chinese journalists to learn the area in advance and more.