Air travel ‘will not compromise UK emissions targets’


An aviation expert has challenged the suggestion that an expanding air travel industry will prevent the UK from achieving its targets for cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

Neil Pakey, chairman of the Airport Operators’ Association (AOA) disagreed with campaigners that accuse the aviation industry of compromising attempts to meet environmental targets.

He also argued that the sector has adopted a number of approaches to mitigate its impact on the environment.

“Environmental campaigners are wrong to suggest that an expansion in air travel will not square with the UK’s emissions-reduction targets,” he said.

“The aviation industry, through the Sustainable Aviation Programme and the EU emissions trading scheme, is committed to a range of measures which will deliver real improvements in environmental performance.”

Mr Pakey pledged the AOA’s support for an emissions-based system of taxation on the aviation industry, which he said would lead to sustainable growth in the sector and give operators an incentive to reduce their emissions.

There have recently been a number of protests against plans to build new runways at Stansted Airport and Heathrow Airport.