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India Travelers More Likely to Fly this Holiday Season

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India travelers

A recently-conducted study to identify the travel intent among India travelers reveals that while the demand for travel post COVID-19 has been recovering slowly, there is optimism for travel over the next 3 months – the holiday season.

The survey was conducted by AirAsia India in which asked questions of its customers who flew in the last 24 months to understand their travel purpose and preferences – pre- and post-COVID – and their travel intent going forward.

The behavioral data collected states that 50% of surveyed respondents stated that they planned to travel over the next 3 months and another 36% indicated that they are considering traveling.

The survey also identified that while business travel demand remains significantly impacted, VFR (Visiting Friends & Relatives) including traveling to/from hometowns contributed to over two-thirds of travel in the months post lockdown.

The study further established that the massive reduction in leisure/holiday travel during and immediately after the lockdown resulted in significant pent-up demand, especially among younger demographics who have exhibited more resilience and optimism about traveling in the current festive season. The travel intent suggests the contribution of holiday traffic to increase notably in the next three months compared to previous few months post the COVID-lockdown.

The survey also indicated a change in demographic mix of India travelers with the age group between 18-29 years increasing its share. Whether they have flown post-COVID or not, people rate taking a flight as less of a COVID risk than most activities including eating out or visiting a mall, with only ordering in, visiting close friends and family, or visiting their local store considered safer. According to the survey, the perception of risk is even lower for people who have flown post-COVID versus those who have not yet experienced post-COVID flying.


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