Ilie Carabulea plans to set up an airline company


Ilie Carabulea, owner of Atlassib Sibiu bus transport company, plans to change his transportation strategy by setting up an airline company, called Transilvania Air.

“I have had the airline operator license for about one year. I hope to focus more on this segment in 2008,” said Carabulea.

He said that international road transportation will drop significantly in the coming five years, especially for distances exceeding 1,500 kilometers, which is why he decided to focus on air transport. “Transilvania Air will operate mainly low-cost flights to destinations abroad. These destinations will be chosen following an in-depth analysis of the Romanian air transport market,” Carabulea added.

He did not say anything about the investment he will make in the airline, but indicated that he will keep Atlassib. He added that international routes to Italy and Spain will expand.

“We intend to cover northern Italy, especially since it is one of the most profitable destinations for Atlassib,” Carabulea said. He plans to invest some €5 million in an Atlassib headquarters in Sicily, and will also build a hostel for company employees.

Atlassib posted turnover of some €90 mln last year, 25 percent higher than in 2006. Net profit amounted to about €8 mln, 25 percent higher year-on-year. The company transports between 800 and 1,200 passengers to Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, the UK and France. Half of its routes are to Italy.