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Southwest Airlines disregard for safety: The smoking gun and evidence revealed

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Southwest Airlines blind eye on aircraft safety issues has been widely  reported by this network. It includes eTN’s article on SouthWestAirlines giving priority to on-time performance over safety, or a number of reports on NBC News.
The focus: Southwest coercion of its mechanics is to turn a blind eye to aircraft safety issues.  The smoking gun turned up, and the evidence transcrip and revealed in this article.
The NBC pieces are, in turn, based on a YouTube video produced by whistleblower attorney Lee Seham of New York, which relies exclusively on FAA and SWA sources, including an FAA investigative report from September 2017, which determined that the airline’s policy of coercive practices directed at its aircraft mechanics “appears as a tool used to influence a relaxing of standards, to look the other way, or to gain a degree of approval through a leniency of standards.

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