Thailand receives 1 million more tourists than last year


Tourism to Thailand Tourism is up by 13.79 per cent despite protests and violence in May. Numbers show Recover for Thailand Tourism after protests and violence in the country which rocked the tourism industry.

According to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in Thailand. This year Thailand received 8,766,706 tourists comparing to 7,703,971 in 2009 for first seven months of the year.

Thailand received over 1 million more tourists than last year which is quite surprising considering the Political violence country went through in May. Tourists arrival in May and June wend down due to violence which killed several people and injured thousands.

US and other countries issued travel advisory for Thailand following the protests in Bangkok. But now things are normal in Thailand and tourists are raining on the beautiful country. Tourism department is so excited with the latest numbers that it hopes to reach the 14 million tourist arrivals mark set at the start of the year.

Thailand tourism was helped by fellow Asian countries who contributed most in the tourists arrivals this year. Malaysia lead the pack with 1,086,247 arrivals, followed by China with 561,634, on third is Japan with 546,947.

South Korea also contributed 445,809 tourists followed by first non Asian country, Australia with 438,241. The biggest growth Thailand saw was from India, where Thailand have been trying to make its mark. Tourist Arrivals from India grew by 19.88 per cent to 405,389.