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Which world cities have the best foodie scenes?


Have you ever wondered how many different national cuisines (e.g. Italian, Chinese, Ethiopian, etc) are on offer in the world’s greatest cities?

By researching the number of different national cuisines in cities with a population of over 1 million, Bott and Co has been able to find out the world’s best foodie cities.

New York is top of the list with 94 national cuisines represented. From Café Katja on Orchard Street to the Somalian Safari on 116th Street, there’s more than enough choice wherever you go in the Big Apple. London is next on the list with 89 different cuisines including niche restaurants like the Pasha Kyrgyz Kazakh House and the Bariloche, Argentinian Grill & Bar.

Toronto lies at number 3 and is among some of the less well-known culinary centres to make the list, as is Dubai, reflecting the region’s focus as a Middle Eastern hub that attracts people from all over the world. As you might expect, Paris fits neatly in at 5th on the list while the quintessentially European Berlin comes equal 6th with Melbourne, Australia.

The Top Ten Restaurants for Foodie Diversity are:

Rank City National cuisines

1 New York, United States 94
2 London, United Kingdom 89
3 Toronto, Canada 73
4 Chicago, United States 66
5 Paris, France 65
=6 Berlin, Germany 64
=6 Melbourne, Australia 64
8 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 62
9 Los Angeles, United States 61
10 San Francisco, United States 60

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