No tourism downturn during Rwanda elections


(eTN) – Information was received from Kigali that the arrivals recorded in the run up of the presidential elections last week were in line with normal figures of tourists and business people coming to the “land of a thousand hills,” supporting a previous opinion voiced here that there was no cause for any concern over visiting Rwanda during this historic period.

Feedback from Ruhengeri and Kigali also tells the story of satisfied clients who experienced the country immediately prior, during, and after the election and were full of compliments over what they saw from their safari vehicles or when stopping to take fuel or have a rest stop – peaceful and orderly conduct of the elections and not a sign of troubles anywhere.

General consensus was that visits to Rwanda are possible at any time and that political events were not deterring tourists from coming. Rwanda is for the current year 2010 looking at a new arrival and spending record from tourism and from half-year figures available, the country is very well on course to achieve this objective.