A Unique Web 2.0 .travel Site Launched and Growing Fast


Unveiled in 2007, www.InTheWorld.travel is the first world directory of excursions, sport and outdoor activities with a Web 2.0 social media community of travelers. The slogan “Find & Share your experiences” is at the basis of the creation of this portal. www.InTheWorld.travel offers the simultaneous and active presence, on one hand, of providers who constantly update their offers in the directory of things to do while on vacation and, on the other hand, of users that form a web community, communicating with each other, expressing opinions and posting comments, photos and videos.

Since launch www.InTheWorld.travel has created a buzz with increased involvement from suppliers as well as registered members to its InTheWorld Community. www.InTheWorld.travel began its campaign in Italy with 4,000 Italian suppliers. After several months of success, the website opened up to the global market. Since, the organization has grown to 10,000 suppliers with plans to reach a goal of 50,000 suppliers in the next three months. Similar to the significant numbers of suppliers, www.InTheWorld.travel currently has a travel community of 5,000 registered members, and is growing fast.

“Our brand is completely based on the .travel domain”, commented Erika Cereda, Managing Director of www.InTheWorld.travel, “We use www.InTheWorld.travel in all advertisements, blogs, trade fairs, brochures, and on-line campaigns. We chose to launch with www.InTheWorld.travel because the .travel domain guarantees to our costumers that we provide a legitimate Travel Marketplace Community specialized in finding all leisure activities.”

www.InTheWorld.travel acts as an intermediary between the providers of adventure and fun and consumers. The website allows small and large suppliers to enter a restricted area and easily up-load their particular offerings, content, pictures, and videos. The suppliers can update their “Home Page” as often as they like, including current availability, prices, new photos, videos etc. Most importantly they can do all of this easily and on their own. It is a Supplier Generated Content (SGC) Model and it is free of charge for all Suppliers.

As the ever growing strength of social media comes into play, the second feature of the website is the InTheWorld Community where travelers can share their vacation experiences, videos and photos with the others travellers. They can also rate and comment the activities and ask to become part of a Supplier’s FAN Group.

www.InTheWorld.travel has gone beyond basic directories that simply have long lists of suppliers. The innovative organization is committed to helping consumers evaluate suppliers’ real value and for suppliers to reach highly targeted consumers in an effective way.

To learn more about this unique combination of directory of excursions and a social travel community, please visit www.InTheWorld.travel