Air Seychelles to comply with European emission controls


(eTN) – The European Union (EU) emission trading scheme has been a challenge to airlines flying into European airspace, and foreign carriers have progressively started to comply with monitoring and reporting requirements. Air Seychelles is also now on board with this and has instituted measures and procedures to meet the European Union’s requirements, based on which continued traffic rights into the EU are anchored. The Seychelles’ national airline is expected to buy carbon credits if necessary but may also take advantage of free carbon credits once the first schedule of reports has been submitted to the EU and reviewed by their experts.

Air Seychelles operates scheduled flights to Italy, Britain, and charters, as and where required from mainland Europe and Britain to the archipelago and also currently operates a contract for the UK to the Falkland Islands, all of which fall under the EU’s new regulations.

It was learned that the reporting and data processing was outsourced to Aviation Footprinter as a result of doing in-house trials first, a decision the airline took to promote accuracy and full compliance with a variety of rules and to obtain added data relevant to aircraft and engine maintenance.

Meanwhile, Air Seychelles has also confirmed that they expect to take delivery of their first Boeing B787 Dreamliner by 2013, when the replacement of the current fleet of B767 aircraft will begin in earnest.