Lufthansa or Austrian Airlines: How to always safe 50 Euro in row 4 when flying economy long haul


A sure 50 Euro saving when flying on Lufthansa German Airlines or Austrian Airlines long haul in economy class after March 18 is easy. Simply sit in row 4 or behind – any seat.
How does this work?  A great way to safe some money if you fly in and out of Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Cologne/Bonn, Munich or Vienna.

Airlines are doing everything to make an extra Euro or an extra Dollar.
Airlines these days charge for baggage brought on board, and there are all kinds of surcharges for better seats.

They often call it bistro where passengers can buy some unhealthy snacks or lukewarm coffee.

Lufthansa with its latest kid on the block, Eurowings are one of the most inventive airlines when it comes to collecting additional fees.

You may have three passengers sitting in one row. The lady by the window may get her free snack, the guy in the middle on a free soft drink and the grandmother having an aisle seat will get only a glass of water, but no ice, please. All of them bought different tickets using a different class of service.

After March 18 on  Lufthansa’s and Austrian Airlines on long-haul flights will start charging 50 Euro more for a seat in the first 3 rows behind class or deluxe economy class. Passengers paying the 50 Euro don’t have more legroom, and they get the same food or drinks, the same pillows, listen to the same onboard entertainment system and are not sitting in a bulkhead seat. Such seats would be way more expensive.

The promise Lufthansa sees as a value: Sitting economy seat in the first three rows allows you to leave the plane before someone sitting in an economy seat in rows further. The advantage, those passengers have a good chance to get off the plane before the passengers sitting behind them.

They will be at the baggage claims a little earlier.
Here is the recommendation and a sure way to safe 50 EURO: Sit in the fourth row.



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