Chaos at Munich Airport


US ski legend Lindsey Vonn sent an emergency twitter when she got stuck on a Lufthansa flight in Munich on her way to Seoul.

While heading to Korea for the Olympic games, Lindsey Vonn got stuck for hours at the gate at Munich Airport on a Lufthansa flight. Great suspense.

It was not the snow causing the delay, but due to failing documents for the LH Airbus, Lufthansa said. The Aviation Authority did not authorize the start clearance for the flight.

Lindsey was not the only one heading to Korea, on the Lufthansa plane was the German Ice Hockey team, Eric Frenzel, the bearer of the German flag for the Olympic games, ARD television sport journalists, members of the Italian ski elite, and other participants from around the world.

Finally, they had to get off the plane and board another aircraft which had to get refueled first and caused more delay, but luckily the plane took off after 6 long hours and Linsey Vonn tweeted:
@lindseyvonn 47 Min.Vor 47 Minuten
After over 6 hours of hanging out at the gate, we’re off!! See you in another 10 hours Korea!

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