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United Airlines to auction off Boeing 747 hardware to MileagePlus Members


United Airlines announces a special way for fans of the iconic Boeing 747 fleet to keep a piece of the aircraft forever

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United Airlines (UAL) today announced a special way for fans of the iconic Boeing 747 fleet to keep a piece of the aircraft forever. A combination of ‘buy now’ and ‘bid now’ items will be available exclusively for MileagePlus members to use their award miles on pieces of 747 aircraft flown by the carrier.

The four ‘buy now’ items available today for a preset amount of miles are:

• Triple Passenger Seats
• Double Passenger Seats
• 2′ x 2′ United Airlines Livery Panel
• Single Window Cuts with Natural Finish

The remaining items will be released online between Monday, Oct. 30 and Tuesday, Nov. 7, the date of the final United 747 flight. Items available during this auction include:

• Rudder Trim Indicator
• Standby Airspeed Indicator
• N182UA – Tail Number Cut
• N171UA – Tail Number Cut
• Forward facing American flag cut-out
• Rear facing American flag cut-out
• Brake Pressure Indicator
• 747-400 Aluminum Cut-out
• Ram Air Inlet
• Oxygen Pressure Indicator
• Standby Attitude Indicator
• Standby Altimeter

MileagePlus Exclusives offers members access to buy or bid on unique experiences, exciting events and one-of-a-kind items. The proceeds from this auction through MileagePlus Exclusives will provide middle school students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend Air Camp to learn the science, technology, engineering and mathematics of aviation and aeronautics through hands-on experiences. Air Camp students develop leadership and community service skills while learning what it takes to become a pilot, aircraft maintainer, an aeronautical engineer and other aviation careers.

“Since we announced the retirement of our 747 fleet, our customers and employees have been enthusiastic about sharing their fond memories of this beloved aircraft,” said Suzi Cabo, managing director of corporate and community affairs. “We’re excited to provide MileagePlus members with the exclusive opportunity to keep a piece of the 747, all while paying it forward to the next generation of aviation leaders who attend Air Camp.”

To give more customers their own 747 keepsake, United will offer 747-themed Premium Transcon and United Polaris amenity kits on flights through January 2018. The kits include 747 branded items and a selection of 747 trading cards featuring images of United 747 aircraft through the years. Customers can collect all 15 cards in the series to complete their set.

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