Would you pay extra for a private cabana on deck?


Holland America seems to think so. The line plans to install quite a few cabanas on the top decks of the 2,104-passenger Eurodam, launching in July – and some will come with a cost.

“You will see a number of them on the ship,” says Holland America president and CEO Stein Kruse, speaking with reporters this week at the annual Seatrade cruise convention in Miami.

Kruse says the line plans a private deck-top retreat area towards the front of the ship that will have “beautiful, almost family size cabanas” that are made of wood – an unusual amenity for a non-luxury vessel. And for those “there will probably be a charge,” he says.

There also will be smaller cabanas around the Lido deck that Kruse says will not cost extra to use.

Will charging for some of the deck-top cabanas work? “When you think of private cabanas in the cruise business, you think of Disney’s private island,” says industry watcher Mike Driscoll, editor of Cruise Week. “But come to think of it, people do pay for those, and it’s successful.”