More luxury tourists to visit Peru


El Comercio newspaper defined luxury tourists as those that spend approximately $500 a day, staying at the best hotels and eating at the best restaurants.

Luxury tourists go to museums outside of normal working hours and demand to be attended by museum directors themselves.

They are provided personalized service; do not get in lines while on their trips and travel in private planes.

It is estimated that there are 80 million luxury tourists in the world, which make up 10 percent of the world’s tourists.

200,000 luxury tourists came to Peru in 2007, said Carlos Alberto Arrarte, the president of Lima Tours, assuring that 20 percent more would come in 2008.

“Peru has enough attractions and services to attract tourists from this sector. With a growing number of quality tourists, we don’t really need to increase the quantity of tourists to reach tourism and employment goals”, said Arrarte during a conference organized by the Peru Hotels Society.

According to the president of Lima Tours, the best option is to make Peru a luxury tourist location instead of a massive touristic site such as Mexico and Spain.

He added that this did not mean that other tourists could not visit Peru, “France and New York are very expensive places and millions of people go their yearly”.