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Threat in Guam: Governor relates wish to the American People, the US Government and the President


National Healing in the United States may come from Guam in times of threats and a nuclear crisis in the land of the free.  Eddie Bazo Calbo, Governor of the US Territory of Guam has a message for the rest of the United States of America, a message to the US Government and for President Donald Trump.

“My wish as the governor of a US territory that is getting threatened is for our nation to end the bitter partisanship. Our nation is being threatened. It’s time to come together, stand behind our flag, our government and behind our president.”

He continued: “I just got off the phone with Chief of Staff General John Kelly and with the President of the United States of America.” They called me from the White House this morning and both assured me that the people of Guam are safe. In the President’s words they are behind us “1000 percent.”

As the head of the Government of Guam, I appreciate their reassurances that my family, my friends, everyone on this island, are all safe.

God Bless the people of Guam and God Bless the United States of America.”

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