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Reykjavik, Oslo and Trondheim are priciest car rental destinations in Europe

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The Norwegian cities of Oslo and Trondheim are among the most expensive destinations in Europe to rent a car, according to the latest survey by a car rental company.

The survey compared car rental prices for 50 destinations across Europe during August 2017. For the purposes of the survey, each destination’s main airport served as the pick-up and drop-off point.

In Trondheim, visitors can expect to spend an average of €342 per week (6 rental days) for the cheapest available car. Meanwhile in Oslo, the national capital, the average rental price is only slightly cheaper at €328 per week. In fact, according to the survey only one destination in Europe is more expensive than the two Norwegian cities – Iceland’s capital Reykjavik, where average rates are €345 per week.

The Finnish capital of Helsinki ranks as the 5th most expensive destination for car rental, with an average rate of €287 per week. Greece is particularly well represented, with Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete and Heraklion all featuring in the survey’s Top 10 priciest destinations.

The following table shows the 10 most expensive destinations in Europe for renting a car this summer. The prices shown reflect the average weekly rate for the cheapest available rental car in each destination during the period spanning 1-31 August 2017.

1. Reykjavik (Iceland) Euro €345
2. Trondheim (Norway) Euro €342
3. Oslo (Norway) Euro €328
4. Athens (Greece) Euro €293
5. Helsinki (Finland) Euro €287
6. Thessaloniki (Greece) Euro €278
7. Crete (Greece) Euro €275
8. Heraklion (Greece) Euro €244
9. Cagliari (Italy) Euro €203
10. Palmero (Italy) Euro €198

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