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North Korea wants to attack US military establishments in Guam, USA. Guam, home to about 6,000 US troops, is strategically located midway between the Korean Peninsula and the South China Sea and houses two US military installations- the Andersen Air Force Base and the Naval Base Guam.

“Same threat different day.” This is the response by many US citizens in Guam today.
The remote island paradise of Guam — a 210-square-mile island of tropical land known to have fabulous sunsets, white beaches, and near-perfect temperatures is a paradise for tourists from Australia, East Asia, Russia, China and also from the rest of the United States.

Guam’s beaches are busy with tourists and everyone is having a good time. Hotels are booked and flights are full to Guam.

“Every time there is some saber rattling in the part of the world, Guam is always part of the occasion,” said Robert F. Underwood, the president of the University of Guam and the island’s former delegate to the House of Representatives.

Guam is located in the Mariana Islands. It’s easier to calculate distances as flight times versus miles and kilometers. Flight times from Japan, Taiwan and Manila are between 3.5-4 hours and Honolulu, Hawaii is about 7 hours.

It is located west of the International Dateline. Since it’s a United States territory and the first American soil to welcome a new day, it has widely adopted the slogan of ‘Where’s America’s Day Begins.” It is 14 hours ahead than the USA’s east coast.

“I’m a little worried, a little panicked. Is this really going to happen?” said Cecil Chugrad, a bus driver for a tour bus company in Guam when asked by an Australian publication.

Guam’s homeland security adviser, George Charfauros, urged calm and said defenses were in place after North Korea is reviewing plans to strike U.S. military targets in Guam with its medium-range ballistic missiles to create “enveloping fire,” according to the state media Korean Central News Agency.

The message came hours after President Trump warned North Korea on Tuesday that it will be “met with fire and fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before,” if it does not stop threatening the United States.

Guam’s delegate to US Congress, Madeleine Bordallo, said “Guam remains safe and I am confident in the ability of US defenses to protect our island and allies in the region

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