South African tourist vintage train, the Rovos Rail arrives in Tanzania


Rovos Rail, the most luxurious tourist train in the world, is in Tanzania after completion of a two-week vintage trip, rolling safari from South Africa to East Africa.

The most attractive tourist train in the world known as “The Pride of Africa”, parked at the Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) station Saturday mid-morning amid cheers and hugs among 60 tourists who arrived at the Tanzanian commercial capital after 15 days of a vintage trip from the tip of Africa to the centre of the continent.

The vintage luxury train took 60 tourists from South Africa to Dar es covering about 6,500 kilometers, passing through various tourist attractive sites in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia then Tanzania.

The train passes through historical and tourist attractive areas in southern Africa including the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, the Kimberley diamond mines of South Africa, Limpopo and Kruger National Parks and the Zambezi River.

In Tanzania, the train pass through such tourist attractive sites in Southern Highlands including the picturesque Kipengere and Livingstone Ranges, Kitulo National Park, Selous Game Reserve, among other tourist eye-catching places.

Rovos Rail or the “Pride of Africa” luxurious train follow Cecil Rhodes trails from the Cape, passing through Southern Africa to Dar es Salaam and link its passengers to other parts of Africa through other railway networks in Eastern Africa.

It is an exciting, perhaps the only moment of lifetime to ride through such a train pushed by steam and diesel engines and with old, wooden coaches dating back to late 1890s but modified into a five-star hotel with all facilities.

Rhodes’ dream of a Cape to Cairo railway, has today progressed as far north as Dar es Salaam in the heart of Africa, with possibility for tourists to travel from Cape Town to Berlin or Paris after crossing the Mediterranean Sea