FAA: Fireworks, drones and airplanes don’t mix


As people travel, purchase fireworks and fly drones over the Independence Day holiday, the FAA reminds them to know and follow the aviation safety rules.

Here are general guidelines for people flying drones:

• Don’t fly your drone in or near fireworks
• Don’t fly over people
• Don’t fly near airports

There are also strict rules prohibiting airline passengers from packing or carrying fireworks on domestic or international flights. Remember these simple rules:

• Don’t pack fireworks in your carry-on bags
• Don’t pack fireworks in your checked luggage
• Don’t send fireworks through the mail or parcel services

Passengers violating the rules can face fines or criminal prosecution. When in Doubt…Leave it out!

As FAA works to ensure that passengers arrive at their destinations safely, it is important that you follow the rules while enjoying your drones as well as celebrating the July 4th holiday.