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Italians march in protest of G7 finance ministers and bankers meeting


Italians in Bari have protested against a summit of finance ministers and top bankers of the Group of Seven (G7) industrial countries, blaming the group for global poverty and social inequality.

People marched through the streets of the city on Saturday, protesting against the presence of delegates from the seven rich countries for the meeting.

The protesters included students and representatives of trade unions who organized the demonstration under the title, Throw down the G7.

They called the G7 countries “the real culprits of poverty and social inequality” in the world.

During the second day of meeting in Bari, the ministers and heads of central banks of the G7 discussed issues such as international tax rules, cyber security, and social inequality. A key part of the agenda for the meeting was dedicated to discussion on how to block terrorism funding.

Italy was the scene of similar protests last month, when the G7 heads of state gathered for a summit that focused on how the powerful block should deal with the crisis in Syria.

The G7 meetings in Italy was also overshadowed by the inability of the members to adopt a united stance on issues such as imposing sanctions on Russia and how to deal with a UN-backed deal on climate change, which the new US administration views with skepticism.

Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States make up the G7.

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