Myagdi locals beat up Aussie tourist


Locals of Tatopani in Myagdi beat up an Australian tourist named Don last Wednesday following a dispute over liquor price at a local restaurant.

Don sustained injury in the head and there were beating marks all over his body.

“Don had a minor scuffle with the proprietor of a restaurant near the Tatopani Kunda. The locals then mercilessly beat him up and mistreated his friends,” Peter, a tourist from the Netherlands, said.
He said the police, without trying to get the facts, slapped a fine of Rs 50,000 on Don.

Tourists from different countries, including New Zealand, Thailand, Australia, Norway and the Netherlands, were in the team accompanied by a few Nepali friends as well. They had reached there on motorcycles.

“I am shocked at the behaviour of the locals who beat up a tourist without knowing the facts,” Signar, a Norwegian tourist, said. He demanded the authorities concerned to take action against the guilty. “We did not get justice from the police.”

Raju Thapa, a Nepali member of the team, said the incident will have a negative impact on the tourism sector, as a tourist was beaten up over a minor dispute and the police, instead of taking action against the guilty, slapped a huge fine on the victim.

Thapa said even though the proprietor of the restaurant sustained minor injury, locals mercilessly beat up Don without even bothering to know the cause of the dispute between the two.

Meanwhile, DSP at Kaski district police office, Ram Kripal Shah, said the locals had beaten up Don after he attacked the restaurant owner (Narendra Giri).

On a question whether the police had slapped a fine of Rs 50,000 on Don, Shah said: “We did hear that locals forced him to cough up Rs 50,000, but no complaint has been lodged yet in this regard.”