British tourist has penis chopped in Caribbean


A British plumber is recovering after having his penis partially chopped off by attackers while he was holidaying on a Caribbean island.

Alan Reed, 43, was found lying in a pool of blood by his girlfriend Ellie Rothery, 21, after a night out in the popular resort of Cabarete in the Dominican Republic.

Police investigating the incident say they have made several arrests but have yet to establish what exactly happened to Mr Reed in the early hours of Monday morning.

Mr Reed, who claims not to remember very much about his ordeal, is receiving medical attention in a private clinic in the town of Puerto Plata.

“I have a lot of stitches and I’m still in a lot of pain but it could be a lot worse,” he said yesterday. “The doctors have sewn me up and have told me there’ll be no long term damage.

“I’ve told the police what I can but to be honest it’s not a lot. The whole thing is just one big blank.”

He became seperated from Miss Rothery for a couple of hours after she returned to their restaurant table to find him gone.

After searching the town and beach for him, she eventually found him lying semi-conscious on their bed wearing only a pair of shorts that were covered in blood.

Mr Reed suffered two big gashes and lost a lot of blood.

Inspector Contreras, of the Dominican Republic’s National Police at Cabarete, said: “We believe this happened at an isolated spot on the beach between the resort and the victim’s hotel which is about three miles away.

“The problem is he hasn’t been able to tell us anything because he says he can’t remember anything.

“His injuries could have been produced by a knife or another sharp object but we’re still unsure.”

He said he believed Mr Reed had been drinking heavily that night.

“All I can remember is the early part of the evening,” Mr Reed said. “If someone has tried to slice my penis off then obviously I want them caught and punished.”