Uganda shilling continues to fall


Since last week, the Uganda Shilling has continued its downward trend, breaking the psychologically important 2,100 mark versus one US dollar, with the UK pound and the euro making similar gains. The immediate result is a sharp rise in the price of petrol, diesel, and the cost of aviation fuel, i.e., AVGAS and JetA1, which has resulted promptly in transport fares going up and the cost of goods reaching Kampala rising.

Travelers intent to visit Uganda are well advised to check with their safari operators – hopefully a duly-licensed member of AUTO [Association of Uganda Tour Operators] – about the impact of such price increases for fuel, although the quotations normally given are in hard currency and should not need to be changed. Local expenses for visitors, i.e., curios, art pieces, drinks, food, and expenditure of a personal nature, however, are now coming cheaper again, as the value of the travelers’ home currency appreciates.

Importers in contrast are already raising their prices, as their hard currency input is now much costlier than a few weeks ago, while exporters of flowers, fresh-chilled fish fillets, fruits, and vegetables are dancing all the way to the bank as their earnings in Shillings keep rising.