Britain is a key short-break destination


Britain has been described as a “key short-break destination” by a leading tourism body this week.

VisitBritain made the claim, highlighting Edinburgh, in particular, as a favourite with holidaymakers in the UK, especially those from the US.

Elliot Frisby, corporate PR manager for VisitBritain, said: “Domestic tourism has changed so much in the last five or ten years, and people who have not visited [Britain] in the last five years will find it a very different experience now.”

He added that many parents also indulge in what he described as “nostalgia tourism”, where mums and dads share destinations they went to as a youth with their children.

Cumbria and the Lake District were named as popular destinations outside of London for holidaymakers in the UK.

However, VisitBritain also highlighted Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh as top city-break locations.

According to VisitBritain, tourism is Britain’s fifth largest industry, worth £85 billion and employing 2.1 million people.