Grenadian taxi owners get 100% tax concession


ST. GEORGE‘S, Grenada (eTN) – The government of Grenada has agreed to give 100 percent tax concessions on new vehicles being imported by members of the Grenada Taxi Council as a means of facilitating the improvement of the taxi and transportation services here.

Two government ministers recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Grenada Taxi Council (GTC), which is made up of is made of four Taxi Associations of Grenada, for relief from duties and concession regarding the importation of vehicles by taxi owners/operators as announced by Finance Minister Anthony Boatswain in his budget speech for 2008.

The Memorandum of Understanding thus formally documents the understanding between the government and the GTC toward the development of the taxi and transportation services and the tourism product in Grenada.

According to the agreement, every three years members of the GTC will be granted the concession on a new vehicle once they are in good standing with respective taxi organization. Members will have to obtain certification of good standing and approval in writing from either the president or vice president of their respective taxi organization in addition to three other signatures each being from any of the other three taxi organizations.

GTC members will also have to undergo the necessary tourism training from Ministry of Tourism or such other training person or institution as directed by the Ministry of Tourism.

Mr. Cletus St. Paul, chairman of the Grenada Taxi Council, said that if a member is found to be or is accused of being in breach of one or more of the conditions, there will be an investigation after which the appropriate action will be taken. He explained that the government, in consultation with the GTC, will constitute a committee for the implementation, processing and management of the concessions. “Similarly the Council agrees to ensure that members adhere to the conditions under which the concessions are being granted especially with regards to verifying and monitoring that the vehicles are used for the purpose specified.”

Describing the signing is an historic day for taxi owners/operators in Grenada, St. Paul said that since the concessions provides the opportunity for them to own better vehicles members of the council will ensure that there will be an improvement in the service being provided.

In his remarks, Minister Boatswain said this initiative of the government seeks to provide a better opportunity for the Taxi Owners/Operators in the conduct of the business and provide a more pleasant experience for those who use their services.

Tourism Minister Clarice Modeste- Curwen said that this initiative came about as a result of the consultations that were held prior to the presentation of the 2008 budget and highlighted that it will assist in providing optimal service in Grenada, thus making Grenada competitive in that respect.