American Airlines won’t furlough more flight attendants

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American Airlines Inc.

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American Airlines Inc. apparently won’t have to furlough additional flight attendants, with sufficient employees volunteering to take leaves, early departures or other options to reduce the number of working flight attendants.

The Association of Professional Flight Attendents told its members today that they’d been told that there won’t be the 200 to 400 layoffs that had been threatened two weeks earlier:

“Today, January 28, 2009, AA Flight Service announced that there were sufficient Flight Attendants proffering one of the voluntary offers that, as a result, any potential furloughs from this projected headcount overage have been avoided.
“According to the release by Lauri Curtis, the company ‘fell slightly short of [the] near-term headcount targets, [but] will be offering monthly Bid Leaves and additional Vacation slots to offset the remaining short-term overage.'”

The airline had already cut capacity, but the late delivery of some new Boeing 737-800 jets had made the carrier decide to reduce capacity an additional 1 percent-plus.

Lauri Curtis is American’s vice president of onboard service.

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