Who can assist? Micronesia plans to build five-star eco-friendly resort


The Pohnpei State Government (PSG) is requesting proposals from qualified service providers for a Feasibility Study for a proposed world-class, five-star, up to 200-room, eco-friendly resort hotel, wi

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The Pohnpei State Government (PSG) is requesting proposals from qualified service providers for a Feasibility Study for a proposed world-class, five-star, up to 200-room, eco-friendly resort hotel, with beach frontage, built to international standards, located on the island of Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).

The objective of this resort hotel is to attract high-end, international visitors that will come to Pohnpei mainly to enjoy the natural beauty of its many impressive waterfalls and explore the ancient ruins of Nan Madol, nominated for designation as a UN World Heritage site. This resort’s proposed location can be government or privately-owned land with clear title, existing, and/or reclaimed. Environmental concerns, e.g., minimal disturbance to the island’s unique resources and mangroves that surround Pohnpei are an important parts of this the study.

The resort will act as an “anchor enterprise,” stimulating additional international airline service, increased consumption of local food & beverages, increased taxi, sport fishing, surfing, dive, tour operator services, handicraft sales and increased bookings at the other hotels on the island as a result of its international marketing campaign. In particular, this resort will raise the total number of available hotel rooms in Pohnpei from 250 to approximately 450, thus positioning the Pohnpei to attract small to medium international Pacific conferences. As such, this resort hotel will also contain a multi-purpose conference/meeting room/exhibition facility capable of accommodating up to 500 individuals.

It will also have appropriate restaurants/bar as well as all other facilities typical of a five start facility. In particular, the resort will deploy state-of-the-art green energy and water supply technology, so as to serve as a model, as well as an additional tourist attraction, for the Pacific hospitality sector.

As a generator of at least 50 direct jobs, the resort hotel complex will create an estimated another 250 indirect positions, in the local companies that provide services to the hotel and its clients. The total of new jobs will support, by a multiplier of 10 individuals per family, a total of 3000 citizens of Pohnpei, or almost 10 percent of the current population of the island.

This resort property will primarily serve, in short, as a magnet for the growing number of eco-tourists in the 50 plus age demographic that have the time and financial resources to visit an ecologically attractive tropical island in the Pacific.

The study will deliver the following:

A verification of the relevance of the proposed project or program in addressing the existing challenge of attracting additional high-end tourists to Pohnpei;

A detailed assessment of the technical, economic and financial, institutional and managerial, and socio-cultural feasibility of the proposed project in addressing the identified objective;

A detailed identification and priority ranking of potential sites for location of said resort;

Report the results of consultations with owners of the land of potential sites, and with traditional and religious leaders in the immediate neighborhood(s);

Recommend the type of management model to be put in place;
A detailed plan for the project activities, including indicators for project objectives and results, design specifications, required resources, the institutional structure for implementation, stipulating the responsibilities of various bodies, project timing/phasing, estimated costs and a logical framework planning matrix;
A detailed assessment of environmental/ecological issues and recommendations on how best to so address them;

A detailed assessment of appropriate green energy and efficient water supply infrastructure applicable to such a resort;
Proposed engineering designs, technical specifications and tender documents for the proposed resort;

An assessment of the international high end tourism market, with particular reference to the Pacific, and the prospect for and the ways and means of, Pohnpei attracting a percentage of said market;
A draft Financing Proposal;

A detailed assessment of potential sustainability of the project results after completion;

Recommendation for the next steps and any further actions necessary to secure project financing and implementation;

One Community, One Vision, One State

The consultants will also verify and confirm their analysis presented with regard to:

The nature, number and type of beneficiaries and other stakeholders that the proposed project will potentially affect;
All organizations and agencies affected by or involved in the proposed project;

All major problems experienced by the supposed beneficiaries of the project and by any other parties likely to be involved, the causal interrelationships of these problems, and the intersectoral links;
Other interventions or priorities by any national organization or donor which may be affected by the proposed intervention;

Information from previous studies and evaluations relevant to the proposed project.

Feasibility Study proposals are accepted for consideration from International and/or Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) registered companies or International/FSM consortiums;

Each company or consortium submitting a proposal will address the Terms of Reference so stated in this public tender document;
Each company or consortium submitting a proposal will include a detailed statement of its previous and on-going experience in preparing feasibility studies for eco-friendly, high end resort properties in island nations;

For each expert proposed, curriculum vitae, of no more than FIVE pages, should be submitted, as part of all proposals.

It is envisioned that this study will take no more than 60 days (including all travel time) to complete from date of signature of award documents.

The consultants will prepare a Work Plan with a detailed Timeline addressing the schedule of study implementation activities is required of all proposals for the study;

The consultants will provide a briefing report (10-15 pages) within 21 days after signature of the contract, a draft report at the conclusion of 45 days for comment and the final version of the feasibility study within 15 days thereafter.

The Final Report should total no more than 50 pages, excluding appendices.

The PSG, Office of Aid Coordination, will make available the following information and facilities to the consultants’ staff:

Any relevant reports, documents, maps, data;

Where available, office space, furniture and communication facilities;
And will facilitate any permits required for the consultants’ staff to carry out their duties within the country;

The PSG will evaluate the proposals on the basis of the:
 Completeness in addressing the Terms of Reference;
 Outline of the Table of Contents of proposed Feasibility Study;
 Experience in successfully completing previous feasibility studies of a similar nature;
 Reputation of the company and/or consortium so submitting a proposal;
 Participation of a local Pohnpei based company(s) as part of the proposal;
 Cost- competitiveness of the proposal.

A Firm Fixed Price contract of up to and not over 200,000 USD is offered to the winning proposal company or consortium. Completion Time line: 60 days from date of signed contract.

How to bit?
Contactfor more information
Mr. Romeo Wblter
Acting Administrator, Office of Economic Affairs
Pompei State Govemment
Kolonia, Pohnpei, FM 96941
Federated States of Micronesia
Email: [email protected]

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