The Leela Palaces & Hotels & Resorts join the chain leaders at IH&RA

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GENEVA – Dr. Ghassan AIDI, president of International Hotels & Restaurants Association is happy to announce that The Leela Palaces and Hotels and Resorts join IH&RA during the board meeting of Global Hotels Alliance in Leela Bangalore today. The Leela Palaces and Hotels and Resorts is one of India’s finest luxury hotel groups with properties in Mumbai; Bangalore; Goa; and Kovalam, Kerala and provides discerning business and leisure travelers a warm, memorable, and relaxed stay with 5 more properties to be opened this year and next year.

“We are proud that this year Leela joins us and joins chain leaders at IH&RA. With their properties, in addition to Hotels Association of India and two other institutes and Hospitality Colleges, India now is well represented at IH&RA. Leela is a synonym for luxury in India,” said Dr. Aidi.

The Leela Chain of Hotels under the leadership of its chairman Captain CP Krishnan Nair and the vice-chairman Mr. Vivek Nair has a philosophy in the management of their hotels where they consider that their guest is God. Taking a leaf from the Indian ancient Vedic scriptures, The Leela Chain is improving their services and facilities to serve their guests in the best way and providing luxury properties and personalized services to meet the demands of 21st-century guests.

International Hotels and Restaurants Association is working actively this year to start certifying its hotels members for sustainable development and Leela Management recognizes the need for responsible energy management and is committed to improving efficiency and protecting the environment. Their initiative has won them various national and international awards.

Vivek Nair, Leela’s vice-chairman, said, “Our Economy will continue to expand, albeit more slowly in the next couple of years, and just like the United States, we will bounce back very quickly from the last events in Mumbai.”

The International Hotels & Restaurants Association (IH&RA) is the only private association representing the private sector since 1945. Recognized by the United Nations as “the voice of the private sector in hospitality” and established in Paris in 1946 then moved to Geneva in 2008, IH&RA is moving towards the next generation. Its members include more than 200,000 hotels and millions of restaurants worldwide.

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