Seychelles 2009 arrival data released


Data just availed to this correspondent during a visit to the archipelago indicate that the 2008 record arrival figures of 161,023 foreign visitors was just narrowly missed for 2009 when 159,416 tourists had arrived from abroad.

This is marginally below that of the previous year but belied in the end fears of the tourism industry of a much worse slump, as by the way seen in other countries in the Indian Ocean and Eastern African region. According to the data from the national statistics bureau in Victoria, key producer countries of tourists performed as follows:

France – 31,470
Italy – 26,448
Germany – 19,968
UK & Eire – 11,406
Russia – 8,544
South Africa – 8,327

Meanwhile, the Seychelles Tourist Board has also concluded their annual marketing conference, during which both STB and other governmental bodies and the private sector strategized over a four-day period for the year 2010 and beyond in order to reach their magic arrival figure of between 300,000 to 350,000, which is planned for 2017.