.travel Sites Producing Impressive Results


With offices in Lima, Buenos Aires, Washington, Stuttgart, and Rio de Janeiro, www.SouthAmerica.travel and its parent company, 4starSouthAmerica, cater to the vast array of travel excursions in South America. If your interests are in luxury vacations, wine tours, beach vacations, and/or adventure tours through the Amazon, www.SouthAmerica.travel is your ticket. 4starSouthAmerica began in 2000. As the company evolved and offered further enhanced services in 2007, the company needed a new identity. www.SouthAmerica.travel was the solution.

Since launching, 4starSouthAmerica has produced impressive results. In Google search for South America travel tours and holidays, www.SouthAmerica.travel ranks number one time and time again. With such rankings, it is not surprising that the number of hits to the site has increased tremendously. In addition to the parent site, the company has .travel sites for the variety of services that they provide: www.railway-tours.SouthAmerica.travel and www.amazon.SouthAmerica.travel. Both of these sites are ranked in Google at number one.

“Currently, we are enjoying over 40,000+ unique visitors per month and growing,” commented Bradley Nehring, Vice President of 4starSouthAmerica, “Our motto is, ‘South America is our home…Travel is our passion” – now that passion is reflected in our .travel domain name.”

Currently, 4starSouthAmerica uses the .travel site in all of its promotional materials for travel trade shows including business cards and email. In fact, with such incredible results, www.SouthAmerica.travel is in the process of adding content in Spanish to its English and German listings to better service its global audience.

To learn more about everything from Carnival to the Amazon, please visit, www.SouthAmerica.travel.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of 4starSouthAmerica, visit www.travel.travel and purchase your .travel domain name(s).