Five foreign tourists detained for taking part in protests in Peru


Five foreign tourists were detained by Peru’s national police in Cusco for taking part in protests against a new tourism law that facilitates the concession of cultural sites and the expansion of hotels in the region.

Three tourists from Argentina, one from Colombia and another from Spain were detained for taking part in protests alongside merchants from the San Pedro de Cusco central market earlier this week, said police at the Imperial City.

According to lawyers, by taking part in open manifestations against the Peruvian government and protesting alongside merchants, the tourists violated aliens act 703.

The five tourists were identified as 57-year-old Mercedes Páez Guerrero from Colombia, Marta Doménech Jiménez (41) from Spain, Alejandro Mario Beretta (32) from Argentina as well as Matías and Bruno Murabito (24 and 21 years old).