Foreign tourists spent nearly a billion euros last summer


Foreign tourists spent over 970 million euros last summer in Finland. From May to October of 2007, 3.3 million foreigners visited Finland, an increase of four percent from the previous year.

About a quarter of the cash spent in Finland came from the pockets of Russian tourists. Russian spending grew by one-quarter from the previous year.

On average foreign tourists spent 291 euros while in Finland, or 49 euros per day. Those who were on business trips spent an average of 69 euros a day. One-third of the money spent went towards shopping, one-quarter was used at restaurants and cafes, and one-fifth went towards lodging.

Most of the foreign travellers came from Russia, Sweden and Estonia. The number of Russian tourists rose by 15 percent from the year before.

Statistics Finland and the Finnish Tourist Board interviewed some 24,000 people in the survey.