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Grenada to target e-marketing initiatives in 2009 for tourism products

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ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada (eTN) – The Grenada Board of Tourism (GBT) chairman Richard Strachan has said that during 2009 there will be more emphasis on e-marketing as the board embarks on a number new initiatives aimed at promoting Grenada tourism production.

“We will be revamping the current website and collaborating with the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association to roll out is a major initiative that will make it more accessible for visitors to book services online,” said Strachan.

“Through that initiative visitors to the island will not only be able to book a hotel but will be able to build an itinerary long before arriving here,” he elaborated. “Packages offered will include from restaurants reservation to tours.”

Strachan, who is in his second stint as chairman of the GBT, said that heavy emphasis in being placed on the European and American market with the sole purposes of making use of the American Airlines flight out of Miami.

“Miami International is a major hub and we need to fill those seats on American Airlines to ensure that the flight remains sustainable and is profitable for both parties, it makes a lot of sense to heavily market the use of that airport as a important entry point to entry, and its against this background that we will be using a number of high tech marketing initiatives to reach the people who we believe need to have the Grenada experience,” he said.

Strachan said that initiatives that have already started and will continue in 2009 is promoting the island tourism product on major USA networks, banners and front pages of tourism website and other site frequently visited by surfers. “Some of these other sites will include websites which carry daily news such as the caribbean360. We are already on some of those sites using full of life animated advertisements and the message reaching many because we are having calls and inquiries from persons who have seen them,” he said.

Tourism Minister Peter David has already given the assurance to the island’s parliament that in the upcoming year efforts will be put in place to effectively market the island major products as well as developing attractions that will encourage visitors to spend more money.

“We will be embarking on initiatives that will make sure that when the tourists comes they spend all the money in their pockets… what’s the use of going back with the money,” he told members of the Lower House of Parliament while making contributions to the 2009 budget debate.

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