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Participating in recreational gambling is a positive


Gambling is often put in a negative light but many forget about all the positives that can be linked to harmless games like bingo and poker.

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Gambling is often put in a negative light but many forget about all the positives that can be linked to harmless games like bingo and poker. These games create a social community for people as they can go away on holiday to places like Vegas with their friends and meet more like-minded people.

Work and life can be stressful with pressures constantly adding up so many look to holidays as a source of relaxation. Most groups of friends take a trip to Vegas to live the high life for a few days. In Vegas you can chill out by the pool during the day and at night you can play some games with your friends and in some cases you could win- harmless fun.

Gambling is one of the most popular sociable pastimes. Many people host poker nights in their home where they can have some fun with their friends. Some poker games and tournaments are held to raise money and awareness for charities. As well as gambling being fun and a way to socialise it also teaches valuable skills that can be used in everyday life. Poker is a great way to strengthen math skills as you learn a significant amount of statistics and probabilities as well as reading people and body language.

Bingo is a hugely popular game that nearly everyone has participated in. Spending time being sociable is good physical and mental health and games like poker and bingo are an easy way to have fun and socialise. Gambling games like bingo are set in bingo halls for a reason as big groups of friend collect there to have a good time. The whole atmosphere surrounding bingo is light hearted and fun especially when there are wacky bingo calls like ‘we’re half way there’ and ‘two fat ladies’ these are things friends and fellow bingo goers can have a laugh with.

Not only can gambling improve skills and strengthen your knowledge it also has health benefits. A study found that bingo increased brain activity as it makes players think faster. People that don’t play bingo are far less alert than those who do play regularly. Those who spend more time playing games like bingo and poker means their brain activity is kept sharper for longer. Bingo is also known to increase mental speed, as players have the ability to scan information far quicker than non-players.

Gambling games like bingo and poker need their players to have focus and it teaches them the art of strategy. Bingo requires its players to have skill and be able to multitask as players have to listen for numbers being called as well as search and mark them off quickly. During poker, players learn about strategic interaction as they have to quickly learn their opponent’s game play and then adapt their own to outthink each opponent.

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