Tourists shunning Buckingham Palace


LONDON – A recent study of British tourism reveals foreigners are not very interested in visiting Buckingham Palace.

VisitBritain researchers polled 26,000 people from 26 countries and their responses indicated a visit to the home of Queen Elizabeth II is nowhere near the top tourist destination in Britain, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

While tourists from countries such as Mexico, Russia and China still expressed an interest in visiting the internationally renowned palace, most respondents said British royal sites held little interest for them.

More than 50,000 tourists visited Buckingham Palace in 2007, yet that tourism figure ranks far below the millions of tourists who visit the Palace of Versailles while in France.

The VisitBritain report also found when ranking tourist activities in Britain, South Korean tourists offered the most criticisms of the country’s offerings.

“South Korean respondents rate activities in Britain much lower than respondents from the rest of the world,” the study said.

“But Koreans are not generous raters of any nation, so we should not read too much into their low ratings.”