Bahrainis to be trained for jobs in tourism


A major programme to increase the level of Bahrainisation in the travel industry is to be launched by the Bahrain Training Institute (BTI).

The National Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management will be introduced at the institute in September.

It is described as a major step in support of BTI’s policy of providing training programmes to match the needs of the labour market.

“The new course is being introduced on the basis of a survey conducted in the labour market,” BTI director general Hameed Saleh Abdulla told the GDN.

“A large number of non-Bahrainis work in the travel and tourism sector, which is booming day by day.

“Many Bahrainis are interested in joining this industry, but they lack the necessary qualifications and training. The new course aims to fill this gap.”

Students have to go through many stages before they receive the diploma certificate.

The first stage sees trainees obtain a basic diploma over a year, during which they focus on theoretical and practical aspects.

An advanced diploma is obtained by the end of second year, while the third stage ends with a Bachelor’s degree in Travel Management.

All three stages are associated with on-the-job training to master professional work experience.

“During the course, the students will work two days a week at a travel agency or an airline,” said Mr Abdulla.

“They will experience the same environment of working in the travel industry.

“Their uniforms have also been designed bearing this in mind.”

All training programmes will be accredited to the University of Cambridge and International Air Transport Association(IATA), said Mr Abdulla.

“Such accreditation will help our trainees to graduate with international qualifications,” he added.

“We are also planning to introduce several short term courses to help those Bahrainis working in the sector to improve their knowledge and skills.”

BTI has opened a special academy for travel and tourism headed by Abdul Jalil Al Mansi.

Mr Al Mansi has worked in travel and tourism for more than 20 years and will be supported by Dr John Panackel, a veteran in the field with international experience, and a team of qualified experts.

The Travel Academy will have sufficient classrooms to accommodate male and female candidates, said Mr Al Mansi.

The academy will also have two hi-tech laboratories equipped with major Global Distribution Systems and a simulated workplace, the first of its kind in the Gulf.

According to Mr Al Mansi, there is a 100 per cent placement opportunity in the sector because of the demand for trained Bahraini manpower.