Fraud conspiracy?, American Airlines, Malaysia Airlines

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eTurboNews would like to alert readers before buying tickets from online consolidator, from American Airlines, and from Malaysia Airlines.

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eTurboNews would like to alert readers before buying tickets from online consolidator, from American Airlines, and from Malaysia Airlines. Here is the story received by eTN reader Jeff McMahon.

“I purchased a series of flights through on Malaysia Airlines to Paris, Kuala Lumpur and Bali, departing from Chicago on November 25 and returning to Chicago Jan. 1.

My Justfly Booking Reference Number: 003-033-697
Malaysia Airlines Record Locator: X5FBE

On Nov. 24, exactly 24 hours before departure, when I tried to check in online, I discovered the first flight in this journey had disappeared from the itinerary.

That first flight was supposed to be operated by American Airlines,
with Malaysia as a code-share partner. I called American Airlines and then Malaysia Airlines, and I was told that flight had been canceled, and I had not been put on another flight.

It was unclear when that occurred. I had never received notice of this
change. Neither Airline would help me. America referred me to Malaysia Airlines , and Malaysia Airlines referred me to JustFly.

I contacted Justfly, and a representative, “Roy”, claimed Justlfy sent me a single email in October. I received no such email. They admit they did not send me a follow-up email. They never called me, although they had my phone number, never sent me a letter, although they had my
postal address.

The representative was unable to resolve this problem by finding alternative travel for me to Paris via Malaysia Airlines. He said he could only cancel my tickets and issue a refund. This means they not only declined to find me alternative travel to Paris, but they canceled the second and third legs of my trip and the entire return itinerary the
night before the trip was to begin.

This threw me into a last-minute panic, because I had no choice but to travel to Paris. Therefore, I had to buy new tickets to Paris through London at exorbitant last-minute prices.
Since my refund was not processed immediately, I had to purchase them on credit, and because my refund still has not been processed, they continue to accrue interest charges.

Because of the times available, I had to lay over in London overnight, incurring lodging and transportation expenses.

Because of all these expenses, and the much higher ticket prices at that late date, I was unable to find replacement travel to Bali. That part of my trip was scuttled, because of their malfeasance in handling this matter.

These are the expenses I have incurred so far:

Unrefunded canceled Malaysia Airlines Tickets (PNR X5FBE, ticket #
232-7623048403-04): $1,141.45 USD
British Airways Roundtrip to London: $960.80
Air France Roundtrip London to Paris: $153.45
Leonardo Heathrow Hotel London: $134.28
London Ground Transit: $14.12
Total: $2,408.10

eTN reached out to Malaysia Airlines, to American Airlines and to Justify. Both Malaysia Airlines and American Airlines had no comments and slammed the phone on eTurboNews twice. When asked who deals with media relations, there was no response.

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