Silverjet to grow in step with Dubai


Silverjet – the all-business class British airline – has said that it fully expects its number of passengers to grow in step with Dubai’s own expected tourism growth, as detailed in a recently released independent travel and tourism report.

The new report from Fast Future, entitled The Future of Travel and Tourism in the Middle East: a Vision to 2020, details the growth of the Middle East tourism and travel market from now until 2020 in all travel and hospitality sectors.

The report compiles information on the major projects and acquisitions of the region’s leading airlines and airports to give a detailed and realistic picture of the next decade of industry expansion.

Fast Future’s research program draws on a range of methods to explore potential scenarios, challenges and opportunities for travel and tourism and to provide practical advice on how decision makers can factor these insights into their planning.

Silverjet expects the increased growth in tourism and travel throughout the Middle East to bolster the growth of its service-focused, all-business class airline, flying daily from London to Dubai via private terminals in both cities.

“This Fast Future report highlights how rapidly the travel and tourism market in the region is developing and emphasises the importance of the business class travel segment, which is where we operate so successfully. More growth in high-end traffic in and out of Dubai should mean more traffic for Silverjet into the future,” said Silverjet CEO, Lawrence Hunt.

Silverjet plans to capitalize on the investments in airport development worth an estimated USD 39 billion according to the GFF report, which expects the major Middle East airports to expand capacity to handle an overwhelming 320 million passengers regionally.

“The region is experiencing dramatic growth in both demand and capacity for aviation. The UK is a key target market – particularly for Dubai. New and existing customers in the region have demonstrated themselves to be highly demanding in terms of end to end service, efficiency and value for money. Silverjet has clearly positioned its offering to address all three requirements and has built a loyal and growing fan base – as evidenced through positive customer testimonials and the regular international awards it is receiving,” said Rohit Talwar the report’s author and CEO of Fast Future.