UFTAA elects new board


The United Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations (UFTAA) held its annual elections for its board of directors on November 21. Mr. William Tan, president of NATAS in Singapore, was re-elected to head the federation as its president. Mr. Mario Bevacqua was elected as vice president, along with Mr. Patrick Mwale as vice president of finances.

UFTAA originates from the Universal Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations that was created in Rome, Italy, 43 years ago. UFTAA was originally founded as a result of a merger of two large world organizations unifying travel agencies and tour operators into one international federation. Along with the election of new board members, two new associations were welcomed on board: ATTAC (Abu Dhabi) and MTOA (Mongolia).

Regional Line-up

Region 1: Latin America – Mr. Sergio Diaz-Granados, Colombia
Region 2: Caribbean – Mr. Indar Weir, Barbados
Region 3: Europe 1 – Mr. Mario Bevacqua, Italy
Region 4: Europe 2 – Mrs. Nedialka Sandalska, Bulgaria
Region 5: Western and Central Africa – Mr. Richard Lohento, Benin
Region 7: Middle East/Northern Africa – Mr. Hani Khorsheed, Abu Dhabi
Region 8: South Asia – Mr. Pavitra Kumar Karki, Nepal
Region 9: Asia-Pacific – Mrs. Burmaa Ukhnai, Mongolia
Region 10: Asean – Mr. William Tan, Singapore
Region 11: Mediterranean Sea – Mr. Mohammed Raoui, Morocco