Attention travelers: Time to shop – in Maldives!

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It’s that time of year during the festive holidays when top of mind is shopping – even when (and maybe especially when) we are traveling.

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It’s that time of year during the festive holidays when top of mind is shopping – even when (and maybe especially when) we are traveling. Where better to find that unique gift than at some hidden shop on a tropical island? And that is just the kind of experience – and more – that visitors can have when shopping in the Maldives.

Shopping in Resorts

Products of internationally-acclaimed brands are available in boutique shops operated in the major resorts. Almost all the resort islands have shops that sell basic items like food, clothing, medicine, cosmetics and stationeries. But there are also amazing collections of sapphires and jewels available in the jewelry shops of the major resorts. Explore varieties of accessories available at these shops. Purchase a gift for your loved ones from the gift shops operated in most resorts.

Shopping in Male’

Male’ City is the major shopping site of the Maldives. Roads of Male’ are covered with rows of boutique shops offering varieties of international products. The most famous shopping street is called Majeedhee Magu. Both sides of the road are lined with shops and supermarkets selling clothing items, cosmetics, accessories, electronics, and groceries. Gift shops are also available in various parts of the island.

Rows of souvenir shops are lined in Orchid Magu and Chaandhanee Magu selling varieties of local artifacts and international items. These streets are next to Republic Square. Visitors can also find an STO Trade Centre in Orchid Magu. This is one of the largest trading centers in the country, and this building houses a supermart and numerous souvenir shops.

Famous shopping attractions for tourists are the local markets where fish and agricultural products are sold. This is a place where visitors can experience the real Maldivian life. Fresh fish and agricultural products can be purchased here for bargain prices.

There are flagship stores of major international electronic shops in Male’. Here, visitors can purchase almost anything in the numerous shops that serve shoppers from 8 in the morning till 11 at night. Duty-free shopping is also available in the departure terminal of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (MLE).

Shopping on inhabited islands

Resort islands organize excursions to inhabited islands. These are great opportunities to interact with locals and purchase local souvenirs. Some inhabited islands nearby to resort islands have souvenir shops serving tourists.

These shops sell authentic lacquer works, dhoni crafts (miniatures of traditional boats), wood carvings, mat weavings, coconut shell products, coir ropes, and clothes – unique gifts sure to please everyone on a visitor’s list!

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