Bulgaria tourism strategy calls for new sector law


Anelia Kroushkova, head of Bulgaria’s State Agency for Tourism, has asked for a new law on tourism that will put an end to irresponsible and uncontrolled construction in Bulgaria’s resorts, Standart daily reported on February 13 2008.

Kroushkova wants a working group with the Regional Development and Public Works Ministry to develop new requirements for the density of construction and buildings’ height.

She said the ordinance that regulates what is “resort” and “holiday village” and what are the boundaries they could move into, should also be rewritten. New regulations would be applied only for projects that haven’t been started yet.

Kroushkova presented its strategy for the development of Bulgaria’s tourism until 2013 to co-ruling National Movement for Stability and Progress, asking for its support in Parliament, Standart reports.

“Only two per cent of the people in the branch are professionals. The others are random players that have already started to sell out their hotels piece by piece because they can not pay back their debts.” Kroushkova said, as quoted by the daily.

Overconstruction in Bulgaria’s resorts has led to uncontrolled competition, resulting in a drastic fall in prices. “Nessebar Municipality data shows their region alone offers 326 000 beds. Bed capacity around the country already exceeds 600 000,” Kroushkova said.