Oenological Tourism Gaining Ground


An increasing number of Tunisian wine makers are taking accrued interest in oenological tourism as a way not only of promoting their wines, but also to establish potential commercial ties with European customers and wine retailers.

Even if oenological tourism is still relatively new in Tunisia , it is attracting more and more tourists who are keen to visit the wine caves of Grombalia, Bouargoub, Tebourba, Mornag and Kelibia. These visitors who are also prone to cultural exchanges, authenticity and gastronomy often become Tunisia ‘s best ambassadors in terms of making better known the products of Tunisia ‘s sun gorged, millenary vineyards.

A number of tourism agencies specialized in ‘niche’ tourism, are already selling Tunisia ‘s wine treks and are constantly updating their wine map of the best sites to visit, be they ancient castles, museums, wine domains or new wine fabrics offering wine tasting sessions.

In doing so, Tunisia hopes to become a well -known Mediterranean destination for oenological tourism, similarly to France which is attracting some 7 million oenological tourists a year, making it the world’s first destination in this attractive and lucrative type of tourism.