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Tourism this week in Latin America

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Closes 2007 with record in tourist reception

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Closes 2007 with record in tourist reception
According to the entity Buenos Aires Turismo, this year will close with a record number of tourists that arrived in the city of Buenos Aires to spend at least a week, accommodated in four and five-star hotels, enjoying the gastronomy, shopping, football and tango. Some 2 300 000 foreigners arrived (200 000 more than in 2006) that spent US$ 517 per day. When the summer season will have concluded, nearly 99 ships, with more than 140 000 tourists will have arrived.

Andes Lineas Aereas will operate charter flights to Brazil
Andes Lineas Aereas purchased a MD83 from the USA as part of its flight expansion plan. The aircraft with a capacity for 165 passengers is at a regulation and registration stage, after which it will begin to operate charter flights to Brazil.

Inaugurates hotel complex in March 2008
On March 30th, 2008, the complex Hotel Internacional Los silos, Casino Santa Fe, the Ribera Shopping Mall, Los Maderos Convention Center and the Los Mulles Cultural Center will be inaugurated. The Argentine companies Grainco and Boldt and the Spanish company Inverama are constructing this complex in the port of this capital, with a US$50 million investment.

Hotel opening
With a US$600,000 investment, the hotel Club de las Naciones will open its doors next month. The establishment which is located in the heart of the port’s city center, on the Corrientes Avenue, will have eight suites and a private lounge.

The Llao Llao completed its expansion works
Llao Llao Hotel & Resort golf-Spa inaugurated the total amount of its new rooms which make up the brand-new Moreno Wing, whose first stage, three of the six modules, was opened at the end of November to receive the participants of the XIX Edition of the 1000 Millas Sport de la Republica Argentina.

Government will invest US$ 300 million in Punta del Este
The government announced a tourist development project in Punta del Chileno, in the Parada 42 of Punta del Este, which includes a pier with mooring for yachts, a five-star hotel with private casino and a 200000 m2 real-estate project, with a total investment of US$ 300 million during eight years.

Tourism will increase by 60 percent with arrival of cruisers
The arrival of tourist cruisers in the ports of Montevideo and Punta del Este this season will be 60 percent superior compared to the previous one. Since last November 15th, when the “Grand Voyager” anchored in the port of Montevideo and until March 15th, 83 ships with an average of 1 000 passengers each are expected to arrive.

New 5-star hotel in Pinapolis
A Spanish investment group will begin the construction of a five-star hotel with a golf-course in the beach town of Pinapolis, 100 kilometers East of Montevideo, with a US$ 300 million investment.

Ocean air will have connections with Avianca
Ocean Air associated itself with Paraguayan and foreign businessmen to form Ocean Air Paraguay. In 2008, it will cover routes from Asuncion to the Pacific, Caracas and Bogota and will have connections with Avianca.

Air Comet will link Madrid with Fortaleza
On March 15th, Air Comet will begin to fly between Fortaleza, capital of Ceara and Madrid, twice a week; from then on, it will have four weekly flights. The service will be carried out by an A310-300 for 236 passengers.

Air Comet with new national flights
Air Comet Chile has two additional routes: Temuco and Balmaceda, with which the competitiveness in the region will increase as well as the possibility of more tourists having access to it.

Inaugurates tourist train towards Lake Titicaca
President Evo Morales inaugurated an eight-wagon train that will link the city of El Alto with the town of Guaqui, on the shores of the Lake Titicaca. The train’s route will go through neighboring Viacha and the pre-Columbian archaeological complex of Tiahuanaco before arriving in Guaqui, 91 kilometers East of La Paz, where there is a steam-locomotive reparation workshop.

Machu Picchu received 1 300 tourists daily
The citadel of Machu Picchu received an average of 1 300 tourists daily after being declared a new wonder of the world last July. Said amount had not been registered for several years, which consolidates the Inca citadel as one of the tourism references in Peru.

A special meteorological network will be implemented for Machu Picchu
Next year a special meteorological observation network will be implemented for the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. The project named “Vigilancia Hidroclimatica y Ambiental para el Santuario Machu Picchu” will emit forecasts and warnings on the hydrometeorological conditions for the area, with the aim to support the activities related to tourism. Likewise, it will permit tourists to know exactly what climate they will have during their visit to this new wonder of the world.

Request to extend law to facilitate construction permits
The Hotel Society of Peru proposed the extension for five years of the law which establishes a special procedure for the approval of construction, extension or redesigning permits of accommodation utilities.

Fees would increase by 10 percent in 2008
The four and five-star hotels would increase their fees by 10 percent in 2008 due to the low profit obtained this year because of the fluctuation of the exchange rate, as stated by the Marketing manager of the hotel chain Casa Andina. The profit of the companies focused on receptive tourism reduced their margins by 10 percent this year by having guest fees in dollars and paying their bonds in new soles.

Tourism on the increase
In 2007, Colombia beat records in the entrance of foreign tourists to the country, thanks to the advances in matters of open skies and improvement of infrastructure, and the promotion campaigns and country marketing, among others.

Continental requests more flights between Houston and Bogota
Continental Airlines requested the US Department of Transport the authorization to operate a new daily nightly service between Houston, Texas and Bogota, Colombia to arrive at both cities early in the morning and depart late at night.

Iberia increases offer in Spain
Iberia will increase its flights between Spain and Colombia with three new weekly frequencies, which will mean an almost 30 percent increase in the offer in 2008 compared to the year in course.

Sales of tourist residences sets a historic record
The sales of tourist residences will set a historic record this year, with 15,000 housing facilities and US$5 million, according to official statistics.

Dominican flights begin in January
Pan American World Airways Dominicana (PAWA Dominicana) announced that in January it will begin with commercial flights towards the United States, becoming the first company with Dominican capital to fly to North American territory, after the Federal Agency of Aviation (FAA) renewed the country’s permit to fly to that country, after a 14-year suspension.

Air Canada begins flights
Air Canada inaugurated its flights towards Los Cayos to the Northeast of the province of Villa Clara, through the International Airport Abel Santa Maria, of Santa Clara, which operate in the tourist high season. The airline will transport 240 tourists weekly with flights on Thursday and Sunday from Toronto and Montreal, respectively, until the end of the winter season in April of next year.

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