Businessman Katatumba starts airline


Businessman Bonny Katatumba has started an airline, African Shuttles Airlines. The airline is already running although it has not been launched yet.

“It is already doing two flights to Nairobi and also flying to Dubai. It is good and exciting for him since the airline is already doing well so far,” Angella Katatumba, the daughter, said.

Katatumba is selling off his Muyenga-based Hotel Diplomate. The 25-room hotel will be sold by open bidding. A reserve price of $1.75m (sh2.9b) has been set. The hotel is currently under Protea International Hotel management and will be sold under a 99-year lease.

Angella Katatumba, who is the manager of the hotel, said the father had owned the hotel for 30 years and was moving into the airline and tourism industries, where he was previously involved.

“30 years is a long time,” she said.

Angella Katatumba said her father had decided to go into the airline industry because it is still a virgin area and he has experience in the industry.

Katatumba is a pilot by training. He will run the airline with his son.