5 Tips for Reopening Your Small Business Amidst a Pandemic and Stress

5 Tips for Reopening Your Small Business Amidst a Pandemic and Stress
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2020 has been a crazy year for everyone, especially small businesses. With the roller coaster of closing, opening, and even closing again, the stress and frustration of keeping your business afloat can be overwhelming at times.

Don’t let reopening your business (at any time) make you pull your hair out. We have five tips to help you reopen your business as smoothly and successfully as possible.

Make Physical Adjustments to the Space

If you’re reopening your business at any point, not just during the 2020 pandemic, you want to do so with a bang. That usually requires some changes to the location. You may want to renovate your space completely, or you only move a few things around. Whatever the case may be, for an enticing reopen, make physical adjustments to the space.

During Covid-19, necessary adjustments include moving items to provide more distancing between customers and clients, putting up signage to encourage social distancing, and even adding barriers where social distancing cannot be maintained.

Adjust Your Marketing Techniques

Before 2020, marketing was about promoting your business, services and what you can offer each customer. Fast forward to today when reopening, you’ll want to adjust your marketing techniques to reflect that.

Take time promoting all the beneficial changes you’ve made to the building and operations. Show your customers how you’re keeping everyone as safe as possible. On social media, upload behind the scenes posts of the additional cleaning, the extra measures put in place, and anything else to ease customers’ minds.

During your reopening phase, it’s also a time to boost your marketing plan, especially if you were closed for several months. Do so by bosting social media posts, using professional-looking templates as a guide and being more active with your customers online.

Take the Time to Update Your Website

Reopening is a great time to revamp your brand and imagine. One way of doing that is by updating your website, particularly if you haven’t done so in years. A fresh website is like a facelift for your business that can attract new customers.

Boost Your Customer Service

Now is the time to shift focus to your customer service. Although customer service is an essential tool for a successful business at any time, it’s even more crucial when you’re reopening.

Retrain your staff on customer service techniques that keep the clients happy and coming back for more. Get feedback from your current customer base on what you could improve. Always be willing to listen and ready to learn.

Always Be Listening

Speaking of listening, as you reopen, keep your ears open too. Your employees and customers can provide valuable feedback that could make significant improvements to your business. Whereas ignoring what they say and not being flexible could be detrimental to your recovery.

Don’t let reopening your business stress you out too much. Listen to what others are saying around you. Research your competition to see what they’re doing as a way to boost inspiration. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask questions to ensure you comply with all regulations and meet the needs of your customers.

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