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Thinking of big game fishing? Think Kenya

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Tourism to Kenya’s coast and big game fishing have always been closely linked.

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Tourism to Kenya’s coast and big game fishing have always been closely linked. From the early days when foreign visitors came to East Africa, a combination of a safari with deep sea fishing was often a given, and people like Earnest Hemingway literally immortalized both in his books.

From Malindi over to Watamu, Kilifi, Mombasa, and all the way to Shimoni and all points in between, fishing, today regularly a tag and release practice for the big bill fish, dominates the water sports.

Boats with experienced skippers are available for hire for a half day, a day, or even for longer periods. Many fishing aficionados regularly come to Kenya to partake in tournaments, timing their holidays to the competition calendar. Fishing off the Kenya coast has seen many continental and even global records set as the big game fish pass along the Eastern African shores in their annual migration.

Most safari operators can organize fishing trips in advance and resort and hotel concierges and guest relations staff have phone numbers of fishing operators at their fingertips for tourists already in Kenya. Few return from a day out at sea without a catch of say tuna or other fish, and the resort chefs are normally very happy to prepare a fresh catch for their guests.

Apart from the fishing, a day out on the Indian Ocean, often within sight of the shore lines, is a trip one should consider to do anyway, following in the wake of such renowned fishermen of old like Hemingway.

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