Condor doubles non-stop flights from Frankfurt to Seychelles

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FRANKFURT/MAIN, Germany & SEYCHELLES – Last year, Germans took the #1 spot among Seychelles visitors for the first time, and now, Germany’s Condor airline honors this historic feat with a second wee

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FRANKFURT/MAIN, Germany & SEYCHELLES – Last year, Germans took the #1 spot among Seychelles visitors for the first time, and now, Germany’s Condor airline honors this historic feat with a second weekly non-stop flight from Frankfurt International (FRA) to Seychelles (SEZ), thus doubling their passenger capacity to the islands. As of September 13, 2016, a new Tuesday/Wednesday flight DE 2302 will be added to the existing Friday/Saturday flight.

Of course, this will also create an additional option for German vacationers to return home on a non-stop flight: a new flight DE 2303 departing Seychelles on Wednesday and arriving in Frankfurt on Thursday will complement the existing flight, which departs Saturday night and arrives Sunday morning.

Jens Boyd, who is in charge of long-haul destinations at Condor and Thomas Cook Airlines, sees the new flight as a continuation of Condor’s successful growth strategy: “We are offering an additional flight to the paradise of Seychelles, which will make this dream destination even more attractive to vacationers.”

“It is today a great day to see the cooperation between Germany and the mid-ocean islands of the Seychelles,” commented Mr. Alain St.Ange, Minister of Tourism and Culture of the Republic of Seychelles. “The announcement made by Condor to increase its direct non-stop weekly flights to two confirms the fact that Seychelles is indeed now the sought-after holiday destination for Germans, Swiss, and Austrians.” For years, Germany has been among the most important countries of origin for Seychelles visitors, and with 35,917 guests, the country took the lead from France for the first time in 2014. This figure equals a share of more than 15 percent of the overall total of 232,667 arrivals recorded last year.

With a flight time of less than ten hours and a small time-zone difference of only two (in the Northern summer) to three (in the Northern winter) hours, German visitors are well aware of the benefits of a non-stop flight: They board in the evening, spend a full night undisturbed and uninterrupted on the plane, touching down in paradise well rested early the next morning. And since Condor’s non-stop return flight is also a night flight, they are able to make full use of both the first and the last day of their holiday — which means that they have to book, for example, only thirteen nights’ accommodation to get a full fourteen days’ worth of vacation time.

The Seychelles, which has had an international airport on the main island of Mahe since 1971 and which gained their independence in 1976, are one of the most developed countries in the region and boost one of the highest living standards in this part of the world. Since the approximately 90,000 citizens of this tiny republic, who trace their origins to various continents, live in peace, harmony, and prosperity, and the country is free of tropical diseases and dangerous or poisonous plants and animals, and because no visas are required for tourists, the Seychelles have understandably become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the tropics — especially with families, for whom a non-stop flight is also a welcome convenience.

Minister St.Ange thanked “Condor for their total support, and also the support received from the Seychelles ministries of transport and that of finance in the discussions that have helped to increase these direct non-stop flights between Germany and Seychelles. On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, and also on behalf of the Seychelles Tourism Board, we acknowledge the fact that this extra flight will benefit the tourism industry of our islands, and for this we say a big thank you as we assure you all at Condor that we shall continue to work with you to ensure that your Seychelles operations achieves the success it is expected to be.”

Condor Flugdienst GmbH has been flying passengers to the world’s most beautiful holiday spots since 1956. Year after year, more than seven million passengers choose this German airline, which became part of Thomas Cook Group Airlines in 2013. Their fleet consists of ninety state-of-the-art, eco-friendly airplanes, including 42 planes from the Condor fleet: ten Airbus A320, seven Airbus A321, thirteen Boeing 757-300, and twelve Boeing 767-300. The latter are also used on the Seychelles route.

Seychelles is a founding member of the

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