Sri Lanka in tourism tie-up with Al Jazeera


The Sri Lankan ministry of tourism has tied up with Al Jazeera Arabic channel to improve the global perception of the country’s internal security and also promote and boost its tourism sector.

Addressing a stakeholders meeting comprising tourism experts and airline operators yesterday, Sri Lankan deputy minister of tourism Faiszer Musthapha said there is a need to be more aggressive in promoting the country’s image, which has been hit by disturbances in parts of the country.

This effort which we will be doing alongside the national airline Sri Lankan, is an opportunity for Sri Lankan government to express itself and attract more tourists to the country, by projecting the positive stories emanating from the country, especially in the tourism industry, he said.

Musthapha said: We want to tap into the opportunities, which abound here, because there is a lot of disposable income in the Middle East and every sane person should look in this direction.

He mentioned that later in the year an international roadshow on Sri Lanka, which would promote its culture and diversity will be held in Qatar for industry actors and media.

The initiative with Al Jazeera will feature adverts, documentaries and talk shows on the rich diversity, investment opportunities and festivals and other interesting events in the country.

According to him, Sri Lanka is a special tourism idea for Middle East tourists because of its scenic beauty, adventure spots, diving and hot air ballooning.

Tourism in Sri Lanka has always been connected to Europe, but at the moment, we want to work closely with our regional partners in Asia and Middle East, where the economy is booming, notably India and Qatar.